He’s All Boy!

On a not so gorgeous day, I decided to take my son to the preserve and shoot some images of him. I dragged my mom along for the adventure to keep him wrangled while I would be shooting, because let’s be real… boys and bodies of water is a potential for disaster, and that just wasn’t on my agenda for the day.

So we made our way down to the little bridge where I planned on shooting, and of course, all my little guy wants to do is hop in the water. Myself and my mother strongly advised against this, of course, so he settled for sticking his toes in. He also happened to make friends with a caterpillar, and ended up carrying him around for the remainder of our time there!

Despite the sky looking pretty ominous, we decided to walk around a bit, and just enjoy the outdoors. I always love a nature walk, although the chance to see animals is definitely decreased when you have a rambunctious little boy skipping along side, loudly expressing his excitement over finding more caterpillars, and hoping to find some pokémon in real life. We did indeed stumble upon a swan who came up to see us while my son played on the rocks.

    We soon left this spot, because, well… no one wants to risk ticking off a swan. We’ve all seen those videos online, it just never ends well. So we made our way over to one last spot. My darling little boy desperately wanted to cross the lake over the rocks, but that just wasn’t happening. Shortly after I snapped my last shot of him grabbing his suspenders and looking at me like he was just the coolest, he lost his balance and plopped into the ankle deep water, as predicted from the start of the day. I call it a major success, though, because only the ends of his pants got wet! He didn’t fully fall in, which is definitely a check in the win column in my humble opinion!

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2 thoughts on “He’s All Boy!”

  1. What an amazing photographer you are!!
    Love the pictures of your little boy!
    Where are you located?
    Also can I tag you, on Pinterest and Facebook?

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