The Sweet Pea Story

People ask me all of the time how I got into photography. I had always had a love for any and all art forms, but photography captured my heart. I love being able to freeze moments of time, and be able to have them to look back on forever.

I started my photography journey as a young child, running around on family vacations with my little 35mm film camera, you know... the kind where you had to send the film out of state to get it developed. Anyway, I was always trying to get "the shot", and boy did I put myself in interesting positions to do so. And from there I was hooked.

Fast forward to my later teen years, where I decided to do photography as a job, in the retail setting. It was my favorite job I had ever had, but I just knew that I could do better than what this retail setting had to offer.

So I ventured out and created my own business! It started when my husband and I were living out in California. We lived on Camp Pendleton, (My husband is one of the few, the proud, the Marines) so we always had families that were looking to have photos done, either to send to their deployed loved ones, or to preserve some family memories. When my husbands time in the service was over, we moved back home to New York, and my business moved with us and has been growing ever since!

Come be a part of this adventure with me!